Customize Lights: Design Your Own Light

Customized lights means we can fabricate any specific design of light you have in mind. With complete manufacturing of designer lights in India, we are capable of giving shape to your unique ideas.

Need only one piece?

No problem.

Expert artist working to make customized lights at jagmag lights factory
Seen a Light on Google or Pinterest?

Bring Your Vision to Life with Perfect Customised Light

Finding the perfect light to match your interior décor may seem challenging, but remember: nothing worth having comes easy! By customizing your lighting based on design, size, finish, and material, you’ll create the best possible fit for your unique space. 

And don’t worry if you don’t have a clear vision – our team of expert manufacturers can bring any designer light to life. The sky’s the limit!

crystal chandelier for banquet hall after 2 installation
crystal chandelier for banquet hall installation 3

Banquet customized light Project

crystal chandelier for banquet hall installation 1
crystal chandelier for banquet hall after installation

This chandelier was customized for a banquet hall with blue, amber, and clear crystals of various sizes. It’s a large chandelier, measuring 8 feet by 18 feet. The customer had innovative ideas that helped give this chandelier its unique look. After working on it for 45 days, our team was able to achieve the exact look the customer wanted.

Need Help Stating Your Needs Clearly?

No problem!

We can fabricate any light in any size and color. Just follow these 4 simple steps and you’ll have your dream light in no time.


Calculate the right size of the fixture to avoid any dissatisfaction caused by its over or under dimensions.


Search and provide a matching light fixture from Pinterest or Google to clarify your design preferences.

Color Finish

Choose from our color collection to match your lamp to your interior. Your selected shade will be used for all elements of your light.


Choose the right material to ensure quality and price. If you live near the sea, consider using steel for designer lights to prevent rust.

Calculation of size

Finding the perfect chandelier size is key. Too big dominates, too small fades.

When it comes to selecting the perfect chandelier for your home’s interior decoration, it’s crucial to take the time to ensure you pick the right size. Don’t make the common mistake of choosing a large one that will overpower your room or a small one that won’t make an impact. By finding the right fit, you can transform your space and bring it to life like never before. So, take the time to measure the size of the chandelier that will truly elevate your home’s style.

crystal chandelier made on the bases of sizes given
crystal chandelier drawing
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We do a little more than

Just Manufacturing


Customize Light need Little Research

Choosing the perfect customized light is easy when you have confidence in your research. Start with Google or Pinterest, as these open-source platforms offer a wealth of design concepts at no cost. Reference is crucial when selecting a fancy light, and once you’ve found a nearby design that meets your requirements, leave it to us to make a few changes that will result in your ideal light. Alternatively, hire a lighting consultant for expert guidance towards a designer light that complements your home decor.

long crystal chandelier customised for staircase
Custom made wall light

Selecting the color finish is crucial for customized lights.

gold finish sample


rose gold finish sample

Rose gold

Black Finsh sample


Antique Brass Finsh sample

Antique Brass


Sartin Chrome finish sample

Sartin Chrome

Fabrication process of customized light

If you can imagine it. We can Fabricate it!

Discuss Your Idea

Our sales team understands your requirements closely to craft a perfect piece.

3D Modeling

Your idea is then converted into a 3D design for further approvals and confirmations.


Once our team receives the confirmation, manufacturing will be initiated for your light.



“we illuminate dreams, crafting bespoke brilliance that transforms spaces into visions realized.”

Upasana Singh