About Us

India's Favorite Lighting Company

agmag Lights isn’t just lighting company, it’s about illuminating your space with handcrafted beauty. Established in 2010, we’re a passionate team dedicated to bringing exceptional quality, made-in-India lighting solutions to your home, hotel, or any space that craves a touch of brilliance.

We believe that lighting should be both beautiful and affordable. That’s why we meticulously craft each piece, exceeding expectations with stunning designs and functionality.

So, whether you’re searching for the perfect chandelier to add a touch of grandeur or a minimalist pendant light for a modern touch, Jagmag Lights has the perfect solution to illuminate your space and make it truly shine.

Welcome to the world of Jagmag – where light meets artistry to create something truly special. Let us help you find your perfect light and illuminate your world!


A Dream Ignited.

Upasana and Chirag, two young hearts with a fiery passion for design, dared to chase a dream. Leaving behind the comfort of their corporate jobs, they embarked on a thrilling, uncertain path – entrepreneurship. In a tiny rented space, fueled by love and ambition, they wove their first threads of light – Jagmag Lights was born.


The First Spark of Success

The wait was agonizing, the struggle real. But then, the moment they had dreamt of arrived – their first order! It wasn't a grand gala, but the popping of champagne corks echoed with the sweet sound of victory. This tiny spark ignited a fire in their hearts, a testament to their unwavering belief.


From Struggle to 100 Smiles

The journey wasn't a bed of roses. Meager sales tested their resolve, but their commitment to quality and innovation remained their guiding star. They started with exquisite lighting solutions for hotels and banquets, their artistry and "Made in India" spirit resonating with every client. The 100th satisfied customer was a milestone, a teardrop of joy glistening on the map of their success.


Taking Control, Shaping Brilliance

Upasana and Chirag craved more. To ensure superior craftsmanship and cater to individual dreams, they launched their own production line. Every intricate detail, every curve and flourish, was a reflection of their relentless pursuit of excellence. This bold step not only empowered local artisans but also solidified their reputation for brilliance.


Lighting Up the Big Names

By 2019, Jagmag Lights became synonymous with breathtaking beauty in the hospitality industry. Their custom-crafted lighting solutions weren't mere fixtures; they were the heart and soul of grand spaces, turning heads and igniting a love for handcrafted Indian artistry. The industry's biggest names were bathed in the warm glow of their success.


A Digital Dawn in a Dark World

The world plunged into darkness in 2020, but Jagmag Lights refused to be dimmed. With a defiant spirit, they launched their website, a beacon in the digital world. It was a gamble, a leap of faith that opened their doors to a wider audience. Even as the world battled the pandemic, Jagmag Lights continued to shine.


Ambition that Burned Bright, Even in Lockdown

While India locked down, Upasana and Chirag's ambition soared. They secured export orders, a testament to their unwavering quality. Each order was a promise whispered across borders, a chance to illuminate homes beyond their own. The challenges fueled their fire, making their determination burn even brighter.


Dreams Delivered, Reaching the World

With the lifting of lockdowns, a new chapter began. The export orders, secured during the toughest times, were finally brought to life. The world witnessed the magic of Indian artistry as Jagmag Lights' handcrafted creations reached a global stage. Every piece was a whisper of their struggle and triumph, a testament to the power of resilience.


Lighting the Future with Innovation

Jagmag Lights never stopped pushing boundaries. In 2023, they defied expectations by launching India's first AI-based chandeliers. These intelligent lights, capable of adapting to moods and responding to voice commands, were a revolution – a dazzling testament to their relentless pursuit of innovation.


A Dream Comes Full Circle

Their journey came full circle in 2024. Jagmag Lights was no longer a B2B secret. Their website became a virtual haven, where anyone could explore their dazzling collections and find the light that resonated with their soul. From a tiny rented space to illuminating homes across the globe, Jagmag Lights' story is a shining example of love, perseverance, and the enduring beauty of light woven with passion.

Director's Thought

Lights are mood inspiration

Lights are the symbol of hope, and inspiration for a good mood. Its a jewelry of luxury. when a worm light glows in your home, it calms your mood and gives peace to your mind, making your body relaxed.

~ Upasana Singh