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Perfect Designer light “Made To Order”

Finding a perfect light that matches the décor of your interior is hard to find. Customization of lights based on interior decoration requirements is the only solution to manufacture the best decor-fitted light. Things we should keep in mind before Selecting any designer light are design, size, finish & material used to manufacture it.

Whether you have an idea or downloaded a design from google or Pinterest, Don’t Worry! , our lighting manufacturing team can customize any designer light for you.


First, you should know the size of the light which can fit into your interior.


Then scroll to Google, Pinterest, or other websites for good designs.

Color Finish

Then select the color, which will look good over your light fixture.


And finally, select the material for your light to insure its quality.

Customized light - Chandelier for banquet

Your dream customized light in 4 steps!

Are you looking for the best-customized light that suits your home interiors? Here’s how you can get started.

There are only 4 steps needed to fabricate any light of your choice that is not available in our catalog. We can fabricate any customized light in any size and color. Follow the below steps to get a perfect match for your interior.

Step 1 – Calculation of fixture size

Calculation of the proper size of the fixture is crucial because you won’t like it if it is of over or lesser dimensions.

Step 2 – Selection of Design

Scroll the internet and see all the designs available there, then select one of the designs from there which fits into your desires and share that light with our executive. Modern Lighting makes the room looks brighter, bigger or smaller, cold or warmer, whereas traditional pieces will always be elegant and sophisticated.

Step 3 – Finding the best finish

Your interior surrounding will let you decide whether your finish will be matt or glossy. With 12 different finishes of metal or glasses, we can fit any light of your choice into any decoration.

Step 4 – Selection of Material

If you are from Goa, Mumbai, or any city near the sea, the probability of rust in iron-based lights will increase, so the base material for that designer light should be steel or aluminum. 

This design was a customized light for a banquet hall, the crystal is used in different colors blue, amber, and clear of different sizes also. The size of this chandelier is large i.e. 8 feet x 18 feet. The customer is also so innovative, his ideas give this chandelier this great look. After long hours of working for 45 days, finally, our team gives the exact same look to the chandelier that the customer wants.

Selection of design

Little Research And You Are Ready To Get Your Fany Light Customized

The best way to choose a designer light is to start your research with Google or Pinterest. These are the open-source platforms where every concept or design is available free of cost. The design selection is important as without reference it is very difficult to imagine any fancy light. Once you select a nearby design to your requirement, rest leave it to us with little few changes to that concept, and we will make it the same as you want it.

Another method is to hire an expert like an interior designer who can guide you in the right direction. They will help you find the right designer light that looks good on your home decor.

Long Crystal designer light
Long Crystal Chandelier

The fabrication process of customized light

If you can imagine it. We can Fabricate it!

Our sales team understands your requirements closely to craft a perfect piece.

Discuss Your Idea >>

Your idea is then converted into a 3D design for further approvals and confirmations.

Once our team receives the confirmation, manufacturing will be initiated for your light.

Each customized order is treated with high priority & we ensured to home deliver it on time

You are just one more step away

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Customized Lights 14

We do a little more than 

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sample for gold finish
Customized Lights 15

Glossy Gold Metal Finish

sample for rose gold finish
Customized Lights 16

Rose Gold Metal Finish

sample for Black finish
Customized Lights 17

Matt Black Metal Finish

Sample for Chrome finish
Customized Lights 18

Steel Chrome Metal Finish

Glass finishes and colors
Customized Lights 19

Golden Luster Glass Finish

Glass finishes and colors
Customized Lights 20

Clear Transparent Glass Finish

Glass finishes and colors
Customized Lights 21

Black Luster Glass Finish

White Frosted Glass Finish
Customized Lights 22

White Frosted Glass Finish

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