How to find the perfect Chandelier (Dining Room)

It is no secret that every one of us has a little crush on beautiful decorative chandeliers. It is like a decorative piece of jewelry that adds the perfect beautiful touch to interior decoration. It is the only thing that takes the look from beautiful to absolutely gorgeous, it adds some extra stars to the interior of your home decoration.

Chandelier size selection (i.e., length and width or diameter)

There are two different scenarios for selecting one for a dining room. One is when you have not purchased any dining table yet and another one is when you have already purchased a dining table for your room.

Here are a few more quick guidelines that can help in the case when you have not purchased any dining table for your room yet:

First, you have to measure the length and width of your dining room in feet, add those two dimensions together and use that sum figure of feet in inches.

  • For example, if a dining room measures length x width equals 12′ x 14′, its sum would be 12 + 14 = 26. Then the diameter of should be about 26 inches.
  • It’s a tentative figure of dimensions, a tolerance of about 6 to 8 inches in dimensions can be allowed.

However, for the second scenario in which you already have a dining table below the chandelier space, then it is more important to size according to the table than that of the room.

The basic rule says if you have a table that seats 4-6 people require a chandelier of about 20”-24” diameter. Furthermore, for a table tha seats around 6-8, then the chandeliers of diameter 25”-29” are normal. A chandelier of diameter around 30”-36” is also an option for a table that seats around 8-10 people.

Here are a few more quick guidelines that can help in the case when you have already purchased a dining table for your room:

· For best aesthetic beauty over Long rectangular or oval tables, linear light suspension, or multiple pendant lights looks good.

· For Square or round tables, a single pendant or chandelier placed right in the middle of the table looks fabulous.

When placing a fixture over a table, make sure the width or length of the chandelier is to be least 1 foot shorter than the total length or width of the table (or 6″ lesser from on each side).

For example, if your table is 3 feet x 6 feet, then the size should be around 2 feet x 5 feet.

Height of the chandelier

According to the common method, the height should be 2.5 to 3 inches (6.4 to 7.6 cm) for every foot of height in a room.

For example, if your ceiling height from the floor is 10 feet, then the height for your dining room should be about 25 to 30 inches.

Another method for the case when you have already purchased a dining table for your dining room says, then the distance to be maintained between the chandelier’s lowest point from the table should be around 30 to 34 inches.

For Example, if your ceiling height is 10 feet and your dining table height is 2.5 feet, then your chandelier height should be around 4.5 feet to 5 feet (10 feet–2.5 feet (height of table)- 2 feet to 2.5 feet (distance to be maintained between the table and the chandelier).

Hope this simple guide could help you in selecting the best chandelier of the appropriate dimension.

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