designers, architects, builders, hotels, restaurants and lighting customers who has their ideas,
King of customisation

Customized Decorative Lighting

Jagmag Lights delivers lighting customization based on your idea, designs, and requirements. We can customize any fancy decorative light, Chandelier, wall light, table lamp, and floor lamp.

 Jagmag Lights is the perfect single stop solution for designers, architects, builders, hotels, restaurants and lighting customers who has their ideas, looking for something different fancy decorative lighting products.

 Jagmag lights provide customers the platform to explore their concepts as well as bringing their ideas into reality. 

Customization helps customers to assure uniqueness and adding value into there design. Customers can select the materials and quality of their products that fit into their budget. 

Our projects

Hotel Projects

Jagmag lights customised lights for hotel project

Light plays an important role in the comfort of guests Like color, texture pattern, lighting contributes to the satisfaction level of guests.

Banquets Projects

customised chandelier manufacturer for banquets

 At a wedding reception, the banquet hall lighting put extra stars into party environment and enjoyment of all guests.

Builder Projects

hanging lights for builder projects

Everyone wants to purchase a low cost furnished property. Low-cost lights are perfect ways of marketing value for money property.

Residential Projects

chandelier for flats, jhoomar designs

 Darker colors make a room feel smaller and cramped, while light-colored walls do the opposite. Proper lighting impresses everyone.

Commercial Projects

decorative lights for restaurants

Decorative lighting impacts the experience of any customer and will make your brand, through the way it emphasizes merchandise.

Miscellaneous Projects

Unique and creative designs

 If you want the room to revolve around a certain piece of wall decor, jagmag lights can make this happen 

UPCOMING projects

Kinetic chandelier

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