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 The future leaders and the game-changers. People at JagMag Lights are smart, sharp and thrive on taking risks. You will be a part of some incredible teams that have created many industry first innovations. You will work with people who are relentless and own a vision. They are working to make JagMag Lights the lighting frontrunner, they innovate for the customer, and they iterate for betterment.

JagMag Lights is on the lookout for passionate future leaders with an analytical mindset obsessed with the idea of solving consumer problems, much like the rest of us. We are transforming ourselves in our quest to transform lives, every single day. If you are courageous enough to lead the next big revolution in the future lighting, JagMag Lights is the place to be.

Current Job Openings

Rope hanging light, requirement of a sales person




If you can conduct market research to identify selling possibilities and evaluate customer needs, then Jagmag lights is the right place for you.

Rope hanging chandelier light, requirement in marketing domain




We have requirement for digital marketing executive, content writer, market analyst and New business developer.

Rope hanging chandelier light, requirement in research and development




For this department you should have good knowledge of robotics and new product development.

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Apply for current opening- Content Developer /Content Writer

The only way to test someone talent is possible with actual test only not by questioning interviews, So submit a blog related to our industry with all on-page SEO practices, The best selected blog will promoted for next level.

Content writer/copywriter/Blogger (Work from Home)

We are looking for talented Blogger to generate engaging, original content for our website. If you are a passionate a blogger, creative writer, content critics, publisher and have an attitude to disrupt the Media, Entertainment & Advertisement industry with technology, then you are invited at Jagmag lights.

Follow all SEO strategies during your blog writing.